Cutting Tools
The ingenious solution that takes cutting tool materials to another level

» Improved adhesion and insert chipping resistance
» Stable and extended tool life in continuous and interrupted cutting operations
» Reduced cutting friction and minimized built-up edge on exotic materials
» High quality surface finish on the work piece

GoldRush grades in T-clamp applications
CVD coating layer has now been added to enhance toughness, wear resistance and optimized tool life for mass production, additionally this grade is suitable for high speed steel machining.
In order to improve machining performance of the existing TT9030 grade for general turning, grooving, profiling and parting applications on carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel, TaeguTec has applied the latest coating technology to the existing sub micron substrate. This grade has better wear resistance than the TT9030 while maintaining the same toughness levels.
This grade has a thick CVD coating that guarantees excellent tool life, especially when machining gray cast iron.
The latest PVD coating technology has been applied to the K10 substrate that has multi nano layers such as Multi Nano AlTiN/TiAlCrN/TiN. This ensures outstanding performance when machining ductile cast iron, as well as interrupted machining on gray cast iron.