Cutting Tools
More accurate than existing ER collet chucks, the TSK collet chucks have been specifically developed for precision machining.
The new TSK collet chucks have been designed with a four degree collet taper, which allows a wider clamping area, compared to the existing eight degree collet taper in ER collets.
While the wider clamping area increases the clamping forces and precision, the TSK collet chucks’ slim design also minimizes interruption between the cutting tool and the workpiece making it the ideal solution for high speed machining. The TSK collet chucks are supplied in balanced condition. Utilizing an assembly device, users can easily insert and remove the collets from the collet nuts.
The collets are available in a variety of sizes that range from 1.0mm up to 25.4mm.

» Run-out: Up to 5μ at 2.5D

Recommended applications
» General-purpose machining with endmill and drill
» High speed and finish machining for mold and die manufacturing
» High accuracy finish machining with endmill and reamer