Cutting Tools
FM chip breaker
For effective machining on steel and stainless steel

» Medium and semi-finishing machining for steel and stainless steel
» Precision machining
» Low cutting force chip breaker geometry

FX chip breaker
Good chip control on mild steels

» Narrow chip breaker design for optimal chip control
» Helix geometry design and high positive cutting edge for low cutting force
» Wave cutting edge design ensures chip control on pulley and ball stud machining

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KT chip breaker
For machining of cast iron in roughing

» General machining for cast iron
» Stable broad supporting area
» Excellent tool-life for roughing and interrupted cutting conditions

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EA chip breaker
Chip breakers for exotic materials

» Very tight chip breaker for small D.O.C and feed rates
» Sharp edge to minimize built-up-edges
» High positive rake angle & helix to minimize cutting forces
» Accurate finishing & exceptional surface quality

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EM chip breaker
Chip breakers for exotic materials

» Cooling effectiveness & stability with Heat Radiator
» Sharp edge reduces cutting force & prevents built-up-edges
» Smooth chip evacuation from wide chip groove for medium applications

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ET chip breaker
Chip breakers for exotic materials

» Wide chip control range for roughing
» Sharp edge to minimize built-up-edges with low cutting force
» High positive rake angle to minimize cutting forces

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PC positive chip breaker
New single sided ‘PC’ chip breaker for semi-finishing and medium machining

» Low cutting forces credit to its positive rake angle
» Wide application range
» Suitable for a wide variety of materials
» For semi-finish to medium machining applications

CB - PCD chip breaker insert
CB - geometricized PCD insert

» Serrated cutting edge ensures maximum chip control and low cutting resistance that performs
   remarkably well even at low depths of cut and low feed rates

TD810 PCD grade
A new high productivity PCD grade for aluminium & non-ferrous materials machining

» The PCD grade’s complex structure provides the optimal combination of strong wear
   resistance and superior toughness
» Achieves excellent surface finish

TC430 - whisker reinforced ceramic grade
For machining high strength and high temperature alloy materials

» Suitable for general turning and milling applications
» Possible to conduct high speed cutting on Ni-base superalloys
   (Inconel, Waspaloy, Rene, etc.)

TB610, TB670, TB730 CBN grade
Excellent cutting performance for hardened steel and cast iron