Cutting Tools
SA chip breaker
Ground positive ISO inserts for high precision turning

» High precision is guaranteed with the peripherally ground geometry
» Low cutting forces due to the dynamic inclined sharp cutting edge with a wide groove
» Excellent chip control at low feed rates and depths of cut, credit to an optimized corner
   chip breaker design
» Suitable for swiss sliding head turning centers with its soft cutting and excellent surface finish
» Small corner radius size: R0.1, 0.2 and 0.4mm

Back clamping holder
Quick change holder for swiss type inserts

» Quick insert changeover with simple lever clamp design
» Both front and side clamping is available
» Rigid and stable clamping force guaranteed with unique backward and downward
   two-directional clamping force
» No limitations - can be used with all Swiss-type turning machines

Boring bars and inserts for small component machining
New range of inserts and boring bars suitable for the turning of small workpieces

Insert features
» Produced in two insert types - ground & pressed-to-size
» Micro size Inserts (IC=3.97, 4.76mm)
» Excellent surface finish prevents micro chipping and prolongs tool life
» Available in both right-hand and left-hand operation types

Boring bar features
» Improves chip evacuation
» Stable machining with reduced chatter
» Bore machining as small as 6mm diameter possible
» Shanks available in steel and carbide
» Special design near the joints ensures improved durability