Ukraine Attends Demonstrations That Suits its Specific Needs ( Nov. 03. 2017 )

Ukraine’s economy used to be the shining light of the continent, growing amongst the highest in Europe. Since the economic crisis, growth levels have remained below their former rates but there is a change in the air.

In order to help Ukrainian manufacturers maneuver into the next economic stratosphere, TaeguTec welcomed almost 30 industrial professionals for a customer seminar at its headquarters in South Korea.

“Just this year Ukraine came out of its recession and now we have many orders for our aerospace parts with a short amount of time to produce those parts,” said one owner of an aerospace company. “One of our main components is the production of landing gears.”

For this, the Ukrainian company uses the highly popular DrillRush line for all its drilling applications.

One favorite in the DrillRush line is the double margin indexable drill that has a diameter range of 8 millimeters to 19.5 mm.

With two guiding areas – four in total – on two cutting edges, the double margin indexable DrillRush ensures high hole quality in relation to the cylindricity and straightness of the tool during the machining process while enabling for close hole tolerance, premium surface roughness and production stability.

Guests from Ukrainian aerospace companies were curious about innovative tools that can properly handle the machining of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP), a material that is extremely light and rustproof and is favored for its tensile strength and stability – one main problem, CFRPs are extremely difficult to machine.

“I saw the successes TaeguTec has with some European companies that use CFRPs and we are very interested now in finding out more about the ChaseMill line and the PCD brazing inserts,” said a Ukrainian manufacturer.

TaeguTec’s development of its SHD solid carbide drills with a special geometry that includes a flat on the drill and a very hard carbide grade and coating layer, makes machining cool under pressure and an ideal tool when drilling into CFRPs.

Ukraine’s aerospace industry did come with requests for tools that can effectively machine aluminum. For this, a few tools where demonstrated on real-world working conditions.

The AluMill, with its chatter free and lower cutting load due to its unique cutting edge wave, variable helix angle and unequal spacing of cutting edges brought about some serious inquiries for onsite tests.

“Milling aluminum is my biggest problem and I don’t have much time to continuously change cutting tools,” explained another Ukrainian manufacturer. “I need a cutting tool that eliminates the formation of build-up edges. I did notice the ChaseAlu XEVT today during the demonstration and will seriously test it out in the future.”

To ensure excellence in aluminum machining, TaeguTec has tackled the primary tooling concerns when machining aluminum such as minimizing the tendency of aluminum to stick to the tool cutting edge, ensuring there is good chip evacuation from the cutting edge, and making sure the core strength of the tool is sufficiently durable in order to withstand the cutting forces thrust upon it without breaking.

In this regard, TaeguTec showcased two offerings under the ChaseAlu family that amalgamates the line’s power of machining aluminum with the hopes of machine shops to decrease their cost while increasing productivity.

Servicing all industries, the Asian metalworking giant’s ChaseAlu’s two offerings, the XEVT 16 and the XEVT 22, come at a time when productivity, safety and cost needs to improve greatly for companies to be viable in today’s quickly advancing world.

With high-speed machining requirements as the XEVT’s focus, both types are designed with a stable "V" shape bottom as well as a unique "stopper" for rigid clamping and stability.

Both sizes guarantee high precision and excellent surface roughness in aluminum and non-ferrous machining due to their high positive helical cutting edges and polished insert surfaces. As such, both the XEVT 16 and XEVT 22 inserts always deliver outstanding productivity in demanding high-speed milling applications such as shouldering, slotting, face milling, step down milling, profiling, straight ramping and helical ramping.

The two-day seminar included informative sessions with TaeguTec’s product managers, as well as taking part in real-world machining demonstrations on materials they use the most.