International Customer Seminar Hits Right Note ( Jun. 08. 2017 )

Customer seminars are an intrinsic part of showcasing TaeguTec’s advanced metalworking solutions but when it brings together people from different corners of the world, then the seminars become a highlight in the company’s calendar.

Recently, TaeguTec welcomed about 100 metalworking professionals from eight countries, all looking for advanced solutions to what has become complicated cutting conditions.

From automotive to aerospace and power generation to general machining, guests were treated to information sessions catered to their specific demands.

Guests included not only machine operators, but owners of all size companies and executives from the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, India, New Zealand, the Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden.

“It’s good to meet so many people from around the world and we really got a good chance to get to know the tools we were curious about,” said an automotive executive from India.

Some of the tools that peaked his curiosity were the extensive line of drilling products such as the DrillRush, SpadeRush and TwinRush.

“We currently use the TopDrill and a few other tools from other suppliers, but what I liked was the DrillRush,” he said. “I like how extensive the availability is. There is everything from 12xD to double margins.”

The head changeable 12xD DrillRush line produces deep holes accurately, repeatedly and economically while its body’s polished flutes offers smooth chip evacuation without damaging the surface finish.

The strong delivery of coolant through its twisted body channels and widened gullet design keeps the drill and workpiece material cool at all times while minimizing cycle times when drilling diameters from 12 millimeters to 22.9 mm.

As for the DrillRush double margin tool, it has two guiding areas – four in total – on two cutting edges, which ensures high hole quality in relation to the cylindricity and straightness of the tool during the machining process.

Furthermore, the TaeguTec DrillRush double margin indexable drill head enables reliable high quality hole machining which includes close hole tolerance, premium surface roughness and production stability

During the product demonstration, guests were shown how TaeguTec’s tools can machine any material including difficult-to-cut alloys such as aluminum and Inconel.

Speaking about the versatility of the MillRush and Mill2Rush, one manager from a wind power company was pleasantly surprised to see the how one tool can handle the various difficult-to-cut materials they deal with on a daily basis.

“By using the MillRush and Mill2Rush, we can cut our tool cost, we don’t need various cutting tools from so many different suppliers, we can just concentrate on a couple of brands from all our machining needs,” the Dutch professional explained.

The Mill2Rush 6NGU line comes in three chip former types: “M” for general machining of steel and cast iron, “ML” for low cutting force on difficult-to-cut materials as well as carbon steel and alloy steel and the “AL” type which was designed to machine aluminum and non-ferrous materials.

Machine operators from small companies were also impressed by the ease of use and incredible power of the coupling of the Typhoon with the HardMill line.

“Investing in buying more powerful machines is not feasible for us right now, the Typhoon takes care of this problem for us,” said a Hungarian auto parts producer. “We can have the power of an expensive machine in the machines we have now.”

The Typhoon, TaeguTec’s revolutionary high-speed jet spindle, was developed for applications that need high RPMs for small diameter tools on slow RPM machines and is designed to be used for high-speed machining in milling, holemaking and grinding applications.

The system works by utilizing the machine tool’s existing coolant supply, driven by a high-pressure pump as an energy source, to rotate a built-in turbine at speeds of up to 40,000 RPMs.

In parting and grooving applications, the ability to supply high-pressure coolant generates good chip breaking, reduced cycle times and increased tool life on most materials but on difficult-to-cut materials, the rules change because it becomes harder to ensure effective chip breaking specifically with standard external coolant in low feed rate operations.

The T-Burst line fixes those challenges and helps machinists excel in creating superior highly productive parts at a lower cost when working with exotic materials under low feed rate conditions.

For one machinist from South Africa, the T-Burst QuadRush is a perfect fit for their operations.

“We are dealing with high productivity and have not found a tool with good chip control, looking at the demonstration, I see that we do not need to slow our production down for the sake of controlling chips,” he said.

Whatever the case may be, the metalworking professionals that visited TaeguTec’s advanced, state-of-the-art facility walked away with memories and information that will help guide them through the rapidly changing manufacturing world.