Thai Smiles to TaeguTec Customer Seminar ( Jun. 03. 2016 )

To ensure that Thailand’s biggest strength, its automotive manufacturing industry, still purrs smoothly past this current economic slump, TaeguTec held a small customer seminar to showcase its newest tools that can handle any material brought on by the industry.

The high standards of originally produced Thai equipment by the country’s manufacturers and suppliers have spun off a healthy aftermarket industry.

In order for this industry to weather the economic downturn and prosper, TaeguTec product managers described how its cutting tools can increase the competence, expertise and manufacturing base of the Thai auto industry and help it grow and evolve beyond its current OEM requirements into one that exceeds expectations of supporting industries without having to increase the cost due to lackluster manufacturing output.

“In Thailand, there are a lot of cutting tool suppliers but the difference we found with TaeguTec, besides the quality of its products, is helpful staff that is available when we need help,” explained a manufacturing manager from Thailand.

“For example, we needed to change our cutting tool supplier recently, after many tests with many cutting tool suppliers, we found that everyone promised to increase productivity and cut cost but they were not effectively adjust our manufacturing processes to achieve what they promised.

“TaeguTec engineers came, they conducted the same tests everyone else did and found that we needed to adjust our cutting parameters in order to avoid bottlenecks and overuse of our machines and tools, a process that helped to save us not only on cost, but increase our productivity and delivery time.

“In the end, we were able to satisfy our customers’ demands and fill our order ahead of time,” the auto parts manager explained.

Another visitor to the customer seminar was interested in advancements to tools that supply high-pressure coolant for groove-turning and parting applications.

TaeguTec product managers explained that the T-Burst line is ideal for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, Inconel and other heat resistant alloys.

During the product demonstration, on those materials at the seminar, the T-Burst showed good chip breaking ability which in turn, reduces cycle times and increase tool life.

With the coolant outlet located on the upper jaw, directly over the insert, TaeguTec’s T-Burst high-pressure coolant, which is supplied through the tool holder’s internal coolant channel, shoots out with enough force and speed to the insert’s cutting edge, thus allowing for lubrication of the material and cutting tool, as well as effective cooling, excellent chip breaking and increased tool life while preventing built-up-edges.

The T-Burst line is available in several tool holder types including one that can house the highly popular and effective QuadRush insert line.

For drilling applications, TaeguTec demonstrated the effectiveness of its diverse line of DrillRush products, as well as its newest introductions such as the SpadeRush and TwinRush.

The DrillRush line has been hailed as the perfect all-around tool due to its versatility, availability, and extensive range in sizes and machinability.

“I was glad to see the DrillRush Flat Bottom line in action today. We will need a tool like this very soon,” explained another manufacturing manager from a Thai auto parts supplier. “We already use the DrillRush small diameter line and are very satisfied with its machinability.”

DrillRush small diameter line comes in 6.0-6.9 millimeter diameter range drill heads for 1.5xD, 3xD and 5xD drilling depth holders.

This innovative exchangeable drill’s performance exceeds small carbide drills available in the market today for small diameter machining.

A common trait of all DrillRush products is its rigid clamping system for stable drilling which offers excellent performance and high productivity.

In the milling category, the ChaseFeed SBMT line, Chase2Feed BLMP line ChaseHepta and Mill2Rush were all watched intensively to see how well they handle alloy steel while the ChaseMill Power 2PKT and Chase2Mill 4NKT brought on much interest for companies working with titanium.

“Machining cast iron takes up the lion’s share of our business,” said a machinist from a large size auto parts producer. “We are currently using a mix of (Japanese) and (European) cutting tools but after this milling demonstration, I am curious to see how the Chase2Hepta XNHU and Mill2Rush 6NKU can handle our tough machining requirements … we will see what happens after we run some tests at our office.”

During the two-day visit, guests from Thailand not only attended demonstrations and seminars detailing TaeguTec cutting tools, they also enjoyed a walk-through the campus to witness first-hand how those tools are created and the technologically advanced processes behind the Asian metalworking giant’s products.