TaeguTec Hosts Korean Aerospace Customer Seminar ( May. 04. 2016 )

Offering Real, Workable Solutions for Aerospace Industry Machining Problems

No matter the heights of evolution the aerospace industry goes through, the one thing that is constant when it comes to machining complex precision parts either for commercial or military purposes is accuracy, repeatability and efficiency.

In order to properly service customers, TaeguTec constantly researches and examines every facet of the aerospace industry in order to predict changes in aircraft manufacturing and find solutions for the suppliers making parts and equipment.

This spring, TaeguTec brought their expertise to the forefront when it welcomed 80 manufacturing executives from South Korea’s aerospace industry in order to showcase the cutting tools that the market demands.

One important question that can be applied to two important manufacturing factors in the industry has to do with the its social responsibility to reduce its environmental impact, which fortunately also coincides with the goal of reducing aircraft operating cost.

TaeguTec explained that by applying the right tools, aerospace manufacturing professionals will reach their goal of reducing aircraft operating cost, make planes that burn less fuel and produce parts that are safe and reliable.

For TaeguTec, it is also about combining their expertise and know-how in dealing with difficult-to-cut materials and shapes into a partnership that is built on a trust that the Asian metalworking giant will continuously upgrade product lines to the latest technology so that producers can achieve cost reduction and be more productive than their competitors.

For the customer seminar, TaeguTec’s industry managers divided their products into three categories: cutting tools for engines, structures and landing gears.

Jet engines are very capital expensive products to manufacture. While jet engines do not have any clear avenue for innovative development, manufacturers have to deal with implementing new materials and geometries into the creation and advancement of these powerhouses that are used in commercial and military aircraft.

For the manufacture of any sort of aircraft engine, TaeguTec recommends two top guns: the first is the TopMini ground positive VBGT 1604 insert for high precision turning; the other is the Chase2Feed BLMP 06/09 with its coolant through type system for excellent chip evacuation, faster production and reduced cycle times.

The second area that TaeguTec engineers focused on during the day-long seminar for Korea’s aerospace customers is the machining of the structure of the plain, which is ruled by aluminum because its lightweight, is technically advanced in terms of forming and alloying and is relatively cheaper than titanium and composites.

Every machinist that works on aluminum knows the headache this material and its alloys offer, but its high strength to weight ratio make it an imperative and highly popular choice. Yet, the main problem in machining aluminum is the formation of built-up edges due to the adhesion of the materials used.

To ensure excellence in aluminum machining, TaeguTec offers several choices. One is the ChaseAlu XEVT 16, which amalgamates the line’s power of machining aluminum with the hopes of machine shops to decrease their cost while increasing productivity. Other cutting tools include the excellent performance and high feed rates of the ChaseFeed SBMT 09/13 and the AluMill AWE line for its high feed, speed and quick chip removal – all factors that are crucial for cost effective production and effective delivery time.

The last section covered during the customer seminar had to do with the machining of parts used for landing gears. Here, TaeguTec industry managers suggested the RhinoRush SNMG 12/19 for its not only small size but incredible strength. For speedy effective machining, TaeguTec suggest any of its extended cutters. These workhorses of metal cutting can house a range of insert geometries, grades, chip breakers and can also accommodate splitter inserts.

The aerospace industry probably presents more machining problems in general than any other single industry. There are more high precision components found in aircraft than in most engineered equipment and a greater use of difficult to work exotic materials.

That is why, TaeguTec believes in working with its partners to find the right solution so that both taxi the runway of cost reduction and high productivity.