Customer Seminar for Leaders from India, Russia, Ukraine Brings Inspiration ( Jan. 05. 2016 )

The Korean autumn season is truly one of the most beautiful times of the year on the peninsula and it is also a perfect time to hold customer seminars.

In order to better serve its customers while also introduce new tools and explain in detail the advantage of some of the company’s focus products, TaeguTec invited about 100 manufacturing leaders from India, Russia and Ukraine to a two-day seminar.

The seminar provided current and potential customers an overview of TaeguTec’s diverse line of technologically advanced cutting tools, support and services in order to help industrial leaders achieve a higher level of production.
Customers that attended were from every industry looking to find new ways to bring their processes into a new level.

“I was interested to see how the Mill2Rush 6NKU handles alloy steel. We currently expanded our company to include the machining of alloy steel so this was important for us,” said an autoparts manufacturer from India.

The Mill2Rush 6NKU, or otherwise known as the mini, answers the trend for decreased depths-of-cut in casting and forging related machining applications and is designed with a rigid clamping system and a higher number of teeth to accommodate the smaller 6NKU 04 insert.

Compared to other coarse pitch cutters in the same diameter, the Mill2Rush 6NKU 04 line achieves high feed machining in lower depths-of-cut with better productivity from fine pitch cutters.

To machine titanium, one customer from Russia wanted to see the ChaseMill Power in action before moving on to the next phase of testing.

“I have seen the ChaseMill Power do very well with some other companies I know in Russia, but for us, we need to see it in action before we can start product testing on our machines,” said a Russian purchasing manager. “We are a small company with limited machines so to dedicate some of our machines for testing is difficult, we have to be sure before we do that.”

What makes this different from other tools in the same category is its double dovetail insert pocket which helps to bear most of the cutting forces and relieves the insert screw from the cutting load thus providing powerful and secure insert clamping.

Moreover, this unique design makes it possible to clamp the insert with a bigger size screw compared to similar size conventional design inserts; a design feature that, as one manufacturing owner from the Ukraine said, will help in his inventory.

To showcase the Asian metalworking giant’s diverse holemaking tools, TaeguTec demonstrated some of its most renowned and highly successful drills such as the newly introduced SpadeRush and the head changeable workhorse DrillRush.

“DrillRush is remarkable, the line offers everything we need from small diameters all the way to large diameters. What we also like is the ease of use chamfering rings,” said a machinist from India.

One executive from a medium size company in Russia explained that the SpadeRush was under utilized in his shop and he was happy to see that they can easily increase the cutting conditions and speed, “This will help save us a lot of time and money.”
The SpadeRush is ideal for high productivity operations and its head changeable drills for large diameter hole making removes the challenges imposed on machine and cutting tools performing such operations.

For customers looking for higher productivity from existing tools, TaeguTec demonstrated several options such as the ingenious QuadRush and the small but strong RhinoRush.

One RhinoRush demonstration that brought on about a few of positive responses in the crowd showed how the new YNMG insert handles pulley-finishing operations.

“Our company already uses RhinoRush for other operations, but this YNMG insert looks like it will be perfect for us,” said a shop floor manager from a company in India.

The newly launched YNMG 1304 insert is designed with a 25 degree geometry shape enabling several profile and groove machining applications under 35 degrees as well as uninterrupted undercut machining applications.

Available as standard items, the RhinoRush YNMG 1304 FS chip breaker has excellent chip control ability, a sharp cutting edge and wide shape appropriate for finish machining.

“What I liked is that it’s interchangeable with the VNMX (1304) insert holders,” said a Russian machinist.

Whatever the process or application, customers walked away from the seminar feeling inspired and ready to tackle new challenges with tools that continuously prove to cut cost and increase productivity.